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25 Random Facts about me…

I just got this quiz/meme on Facebook and thought I’d post here as well.

1. I work best between the hours of 10pm and 2am.

2. I sleep the best between 2am and 12pm.

3. Unfortunately, my day typically begins at 7:30am, most often without my full cooperation.

4. I met my best friend and husband on my 18th birthday. So, yes we have technically been together for over 19 years….what?

5. That means I have known many of my dearest friends at least that long – Erika (19), Keesha (19), Farrah (19), Michelle(18)! Jennifer, you my dear I have known for nearly 22!!!

6. I can only work for myself. I don’t do well with authority figures especially those without integrity. But it is true what they say, that you are harder on yourself than anyone else ever will be. I’m working on it…

7. I think my 7 year old son is the funniest person alive. This doesn’t help when I am trying to discipline for inappropriate behavior!

8. I believe I can tell a person’s character in less than 3 minutes of conversation. Which makes for some very long wasteful meetings.

9. I spoke at my college graduation, 9-months pregnant, and delivered my first son 2 weeks later.

10. I no longer think thirty-something is old. Nor do I think sixty-something is old. I think we are as old as we allow ourselves to become. And coming from someone who invents toys…well, I haven’t really gotten much past adolescence, I guess.

11. I see the glass as half-full, most of the time. And am not fun to be around when it is half-empty. Sometimes, though, I realize that the glass may just be twice as large as it needs to be.

12. I had three of the scariest moments of my life while living in Boston. I also had three of the most wonderful years of my life there.

13. I tend to hang on to people who make my life better. And let go of those that make it worse. I’d much rather avoid than confront, unless it comes to my children’s well-being. I am a fierce mama-bear.

14. My favorite movie of all time is Shawshank Redemption, which has been threatened recently by Slumdog Millionaire.

15. My favorite artist is Lauryn Hill, pure honesty and integrity.

16. I am often moved to tears by extreme talent or giftedness.

17. I love wine, cheese, and chocolate, and could survive on only that if necessary.

18. My daughter has shown me a beautiful reflection of myself, one I may have never seen simply from my old photos.

19. Shortly before Christmas, every year, I take one day to go shopping with my mother, her two sisters, and their daughters. We call it the Mother Daughter Shopping Trip and it is one of my most treasured family traditions. It seems we can only truly connect as the matriarchs of our families after walking all-day around Union Square in San Fran, having 3 glasses of wine each at an Italian restaurant, and giving each other manicures, while telling old family stories into the night.

20. I do not speak Spanish unless I am in a Latin country and hungry ;-). That is not to say I don’t understand it, just that I don’t speak it…very well.

21. Oh… I don’t think I can think of 5 more random things… How about that all my children are perfect combinations of me and their dad. Big son looks like his dad, but acts like me, little son looks like me but acts like his dad, and baby girl looks like me when I hold her and like her dad when he holds her…weird.

22. My brother and I still fight like we are children. But I am proud and happy to see that he has finally grown up in many ways.

23. Baby girl is whimpering in her sleep right now. Not crying, more like talking loudly with her eyes closed.

24. I could use 6 more hours everyday. I would pay big bucks to have a 32 hour day, but only if I were the only one. Sad thing is I would probably sleep for most of it.

25. My favorite color is green – is that random enough? No not because it is the color of money or the color of trees, but because it is the color of my very favorite Boston University sweatshirt that I wore until it literally fell apart thread by thread.


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