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What is a Ventriloquist?

Every day, my ever curious 5-year old asks me at least one really good question. Sometimes I’m so busy, hurrying from here to there that I don’t take the time to really listen to them and answer them the way they deserve to be answered. So I’ve decided to try to document these questions, as often as I can to help me remember them as well as to share with you.

So far my favorite is from January: “What is a ventriloquist?”

I couldn’t even begin to put the answer in 5 year old terms, never mind that I had to pick myself off the floor from laughing so hard. This time, I broke out the dictionary and I sat him down to copy the definition onto a sheet of paper. I couldn’t bear to throw it out (although I have now that I have it digitally) because it took him 45 minutes to finish. He uses the word regularly, now, and he can spell it!!!

Some other very important questions:

3/25/09, 4:20pm, “Do animals go to heaven?”
3/24/09, 9:34pm, “How do bees sting?”
3/23/09, 8:30am, “What is a counselor?”
3/22/09, 7:25pm, “What does the little hand count?”


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