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Do you know what occupied means?

On Friday evening, Baby Girl, Little Son, and I went out to eat at a favorite Italian restaurant, “Pastini Pasteria”. We originally fell in love with the place because of the calamari, which was amazing and the most popular item on the menu. Naturally, since then, they have removed it from their offerings… but that is beside the point.

This evening, after the little son ate all his Shrimp Scampi, he announced he had to use the restroom. Ordinarily, I would escort him into the Ladies room and supervise his activities, but since he is getting older now and Naomi is just not that portable, I allowed him to venture the 7 steps down the hallway to the Restrooms alone.

Upon his return, the very observant one asked, ” Do you know what occupied means?” (he never greets us, he just launches into a conversation with whomever he sees and whatever is on his mind when he meets you)

“Yes, do you?” I countered.

He very proudly announced, ” It means the door is locked!”

OK, that is the sound of me hitting the ground from falling off my chair. I can’t make this stuff up!!


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