The Mommy Rush

Learning, Exploring, Creating, and Growing.

They all grow up…eventually! Today, I’m wondering ‘where did the time go?’

Today, the baby girl had her first trial day at a Preschool program to test out whether she was ready for a school environment.  I’m not sure what I was hoping to learn, since she has been insisting she “has to go to school” for the last 3 months.

I'm not ready to go!

But perhaps I was envisioning her becoming intimidated by the size of the school and all of the unknown faces, that would tell me she isn’t quite ready for this big milestone.


Miss Thing marched right in to the building, announcing herself and pointing out all the beautiful posters to me, as if she knew exactly where she was going.  Instantly, I was no more than an annoying voice in her space, keeping her from all the fun and friends that this new experience was opening up to her.

Just like that!  All the babies are grown.  And I have to feel a little sad because I know this one is the last and needs me the least.  It is so rewarding to watch, since she is the only girl, knowing that all of her independence comes from watching her brothers live their very exciting lives.  But, still, a part of me was hoping that my baby girl would somehow realize that it is scary venturing out into the real world and reach back to the security of Mom and home.

I’m sure today was just a vision of what’s to come with my little independent spirit.  Perhaps baby girl is not the best way to refer to her…. Any ideas?


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