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Really important things my kids taught me…

I picked up this book a couple years ago, and just happened on the list of lessons that ring true with me… lessons that I have learned from my kids, as quoted by Cynthia Copeland:

1. It’s more fun to color outside the lines.
2. Take it apart to see how it works.
3. Don’t giggle until after you’ve swallowed your milk.
4. Play, don’t watch.
5. Make sure you always know where the bathroom is.
6. If you wait until you’re really sure, you’ll never take off the training wheels.
7. If you don’t like the birthday girl, don’t go to the party.
8. Don’t say “the last on there is a rotten egg” unless you are sure there is a slow kid behind you.
9. It does matter who started it.
10. Ask for sprinkles.
11. Use the fancy soap!
12. If you don’t need a bath when you get home, it probably wasn’t a very good day.
14. Nobody likes a tattletale.
15. Climbing the hill is more fun than standing on top.
16. You’re only little until someone littler comes along.
17. Just because you can’t spell doesn’t mean you can’t write a good story.
18. Math is fun when you’re counting jellybeans.
19. The colder you look when you come inside, the bigger the cup of hot chocolate you’ll get.
20. Being captain doesn’t mean you’re the smartest one, it means you’re the one with the boat.
21. If you can’t name it, scrape it off your pizza.
22. Making your bed is a waste of time.
23. There is no good reason why clothes have to match.
24. Hang your best picture on the refrigerator.
25. A band-aid always makes it feel better.
26. Babies get more attention.
27. How do you know that you can’t make a rocket out of tin foil and boxes unless you try.
28. Don’t take eight donuts if your stomach only holds two.
29. A snow day is more fun than a vacation day.
30. When you’re lost, it’s better to stand still than to follow the wrong path.

And finally, my favorite…

31. The path you’re on looks a lot different when you turn around.


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