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The joys of parenting: a riddle

Here’s a puzzler for you:

What do the items in this list have in common?

Miniature water gun
Half-eaten donut
Unopened pack of fake moustaches
Half-eaten bag of Cheezits
Pink Jumbo sunglasses
Half-full juice box
Lakeridge high school sweatpants
Men’s lycra running pants
Boys sweatshirt
1 (count them: 1) classic Adidas shoe, size 12 Youth
Windup plastic milk carton
1 very hard French fry
Plastic Easter egg with penny inside
Worn out mouth guard
3 water bottles of various levels of fullness
1 pink barrette
2 neon plastic rings
1 half-melted tube of blistex

I’ll give you a second…Give up?

All items I just cleaned out of the backseat of my car. Ah, joys of parenting!


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