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College Search in the Information Age

About 3 weeks ago, I told the Big Son that I wanted him to start to research colleges. All of the kids in his 10th grade class had just taken the PSAT and I figured it was time for him to start planning for his future.

So this afternoon, he and I were on our way to the grocery store when I pulled off at the library to return some magazines. As we pulled in, I asked him how his college search was going and he said he hasn’t really done much because of his homework load.

‘Well we’re here at the library, now. Do you want to pick up a book to get you started?’

‘A book? Why would I need a book? I have a computer…’

It is a new day!!!


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2 thoughts on “College Search in the Information Age

  1. Kana Tyler on said:

    “Why would I need a book?”–That’s such a resounding question these days… A couple of our kids don’t even think of books when the Google search on their phone has utterly failed them… (Happily, a couple of our other kids can’t drag their noses OUT of books…) When he finally came to me in frustration over a search about Hawai’ian mythology, I had to physically turn our six-foot-three 18-year-old around to point to the entire bookshelf directly behind him, full of resources that his (Hawai’ian) dad and I have collected on the subject… Sigh. 😉

  2. Jennifer Williams on said:

    Our local library branch doesn’t even have librarians, only library clerks. For a librarian I have to go to the main branch downtown. Maybe Waldorf School in Los Altos has the right idea; no computers in the school.

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